Saturday, 18 November 2017

Priceline Skincare Haul Buys and Busts

Hey Readers,
Hope this post finds you well. This weekends post is one that I have been working on for a while. In August Priceline had one of the famous 40% off skincare sales and I picked up a back up, a few products that I had my eye on and a few extras that were too good to pass up. Since then I have been using everything to work out if my purchases are buys or busts!! 

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser 200ml
This is really cheating as if you read my posts regularly you will already know that I love this cleanser not only does it remove a days dirt, grime but also makeup and that was the reason I purchased it originally. It is a buy because it works so well the cleanser is a soft creamy gel that foams lightly, but enough to cleans properly but leave your skin soft and fresh. As an added bonus it also has a pump that makes it handy in the shower. 

Loreal Pure Clay Purifying Cream and Exfoliating Scrub 150ml
After buying a back ups of my fresh foaming cleanser these were the next on my list. When Loreal first brought out the masks versions of these I was hopeful for a cleanser and was very happy when they released. So during a sale I just had to buy two!! The products themselves are thick, creamy and feel beautiful on the skin. The Purifying cream, smells beautiful and cleanses well. It also helps to definitely helps to mattify my skin post use. The exfoliating scrub is the perfect mix of cleanser and scrub. Not too much cleanser not to much scrub and the scrub particles are also not too soft but also not too harsh.   

Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Gel to Foam 2 in 1 Make up Remover and Deep Cleanser 
I picked this up as a potential replacement to the fresh foaming cleanser as I had seen so many reviews and wanted to try for myself. Now don't get me wrong the cleanser itself is decent and it definitely foams and cleanses well and is a pump dispensing bottle. But the reason I wouldn't repurchase is simply because the 142 ml in this bottle just doesn't last that long the product seems to be used up so quickly even though these last couple of months I have used other cleansers this bottle is almost empty. 

DermaE Soothing Cleanser 175ml

Now this I will admit was a purchase on the basis that these products are slightly higher price point and so 40% off was a good deal. I also liked the idea of trying a product that contains more natural ingredients and is fragrance free.  The gel cream is soft and gentle, foams lightly but cleanses really well. My skin is left soft in smooth. While I really like this one for a bit of a change I most likely wouldn't buy it again I just simply reach for others over this.

So that ends my Priceline skin care haul buys and busts. As you can see only a couple of  products that I wouldn't go out and repurchase. So overall happy with what I have picked up and cannot wait till the next 40% off skincare sale!!! Until then Happy Reading and Happy Shopping.


Friday, 20 October 2017

Maslow and Co USA Beauty Edit

Hey Readers, 
I hope the weekend finds you well. The last couple of weeks have been a little busy (hence the gap between posts) but in the middle of it all a small black box arrived!! Inside the current edition of Maslow and Co!!! This edit Maslow and Co decided to revisit a country  and chose the USA but this time they have curated a box with more of a beauty focus. Needless to say I could not wait to dive in. So lets get started!!

Odacite Concentrate Serum received three sample vials full size bottles 5ml
These vials contain super concentrated serum to hydrate, enhance radiance, correct dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles. Weather its on its own or mixed a daily face cream these serums provide intense skin treatments. Interested to try these see how they apply and the results they provide. 

Purlisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask and Exfoliant 15ml deluxe sample 
This combination mud mask and exfoliant combines blue lotus for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties,  includes white clay to tighten pores, ginger to detoxify in 10 minutes skin is resurfaced, detoxified brightened  tightened and smoothed. I often prefer products that multi task so I am interested to try. 

OUI GLO Rich Collagen Face Mask 
These face masks are infused with both collagen and fruit extracts that help to gently exfoliate, plump and leave skin glowing designed to be used to prep skin before makeup or keep skin soothed while travelling. Since Maslow and Co were generous enough to send three so while I am interested to try these I will most likely give one or two away. 

CLE Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion 
This cushion highlighter is the latest technology in cosmetic highlighters this fusion of cushion compact technology and cream highlighter. I always love when a beauty box includes a makeup item and I am very excited to receive this cannot wait to try. I haven't used anything like this before.

Doucce Freematic System Eyeshadow Quad 
This eyeshadow quad contains shadows that are highly pigmented, creamy and smooth. Cool brown combines both matte and shimmer finishes. For an easy natural and dramatic look. I cannot wait to try these shadows they are the perfect combination for the perfect eye look!!

So that ends this edition of Maslow and Co USA beauty edit. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you are looking for a new beauty box to subscribe to you check this one out and maybe give it a go!!!! I cannot wait to try all of these items and hopefully you will see some of them featured in a few Instagram posts!!! Until next time happy reading and happy shopping


***This post is not sponsored by Maslow and Co or any other company. All boxes are purchased with my own money, all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and pictures included were photographed by me***

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Foundation Fails

Hey Readers,
I hope this post finds you well. At the moment you are all aware that I am trying to declutter my collection.  Through this process,, the one main thing I have found is that while I own a lot of  foundations I don't use a lot of different foundations. They are one product that I have always struggled to find the perfect match. Therefore when it came to decluttering I had more fails than favourites. So I thought today I would talk about some of the fails!!  

For those of you that are new to my blog I will start by saying that my skin is normal combination. My T zone is oily and my forehead has some dry patches. I live Queensland so more often than not the weather is warm. I also work in an air conditioned building as well as my job also requiring me to be in and out of cold storage practically everyday. 
With all those factors in mind.  I also prefer a medium to full coverage foundation, 
with a preference of a semi matte finish that has 8 hour plus longevity. 

Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr 
Once upon a time I really loved this foundation it was  my go to and I wore it everyday and to any event and then Maybelline decided to change the packaging and reformulate the foundation. While I have to say the addition of a pump top is handy that is about where my love for this foundation now stops!! Previously this foundation used to go on smooth evenly and blend flawlessly. Coverage was a good medium to full and I got a whole day of wear. The new version is a light to medium coverage, it still blends OK but I no longer get an entire day from my foundation. Maybelline also changed the shade range and I have never found the perfect match.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless and Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth 

Now these are interesting foundations the matte and poreless claims to mattify, refine pores and give a natural seamless finish while the dewy smooth offers hydration, to smooth skin texture and give a natural lumionous finish. I have oily combination skin and fairly obvious pores particularly on my T zone so you think that the matte and poreless would be the perfect fit sadly no. This foundation I have never felt diminishes the look of my pores, and the foundation itself just makes my skin look too matte. The reason I kept using it over was the longevity I got from this foundation. So that brings me to the Dewy and Smooth version 
so really apart from claiming that it will provide a luminous finish you would think that as an oily combo girl this wouldn't do much for me however this actually does help to diminish my pores and it definetly gives a smooth finish to the skin however it doesn't last that well throughout the day. Now it was wanting to use these foundations up and experimentation that I started to mix the two together. Which resulted in the perfect fit I got a smooth more flawless complexion. 

Loreal True Match 4 N Beige So I will start this by saying I really am not sure that I did get the perfect match its frustrating when a company claims from that there is a match for everyone but they don't take into consideration the fact its very hard to find a store that will actually colour match you these days!! At the end of the day though despite the colour I don't feel this foundation lives up to its claims. A super-blendable formula yes but a ultra fine pigments that provide perfect coverage without caking not so much. This foundation did not like my oily T zone all it did was split, go patchy and cake in the areas around my nose. As for the dry patches they were enhanced as opposed to hydrated. 

Bourjois Happy Light N53
This foundation used to be a favourite but over time it has become a fail. I had heard so much hype before I bought it and as I said I loved it but  it just no longer does what I need. The coverage is lighter than I usually prefer so this really became my weekend go to or when I wanted a no makeup makeup look. But sadly over time I have found that unless its winter and we are experiencing drop in temperature and cold weather (which we don't get a lot of in queensland). A combination of warmer weather and my seemingly oily T zone this foundation just doesn't last I only get  a couple of hours without touching up and generally it wears unevenly all over my face. Sadly I am no longer a fan.

Bourjois 123 Perfect N53 
Now this foundation offers a flawless complexion as it contains yellow pigments to correct darkness, mauve to improve dullness and green for anti redness. As my complexion fits all these categories I was sold. Coverage is medium to full and it really does cover the skin well. Blending out and definitely hides the flaws. However the shade definitely leans yellow which is never a cute look and while the longevity is better than the happy light version it too still wears unevenly.

Loreal Infallible Total Cover 21 Golden Sand
This was a foundation I was excited about as it arrived not long after I discovered my love for the 24 hr matte from the Loreal range. Now I am understanding that this is TOTAL coverage, as the lady in Priceline said to me it will cover a tattoo (as I don't have one I cannot tell you) but this takes so long to get the perfect finish it just takes so long to apply and blend. The foundation is quite thick and does take a bit to work into the skin, blend out so you get an even coverage. Its so matte that it can start to look mask like without trying. I have used it to mix with my lighter coverage foundations and it does add a longevity element but on its own its not my first choice. 

Rimmel Match Perfection 203 True Beige
This foundation I have not picked up in a while so I almost had forgotten why I no longer reach for it but its reading the bottle that it all comes flooding back. It says it offers invisible, weightless, a smooth blendable texture. 24 hour hydration and soft focus powders that reduce imperfections, dark circles and pores. Its the last line were this foundation really falls down. Hydration I don't really feel it gives, as for imperfections and dark circles coverage is medium and even building up I still feel my dark circles and redness shine through as for pores I really feel it enhances not hides so need I say more!!! 

So that ends this post I hope you have enjoyed reading it!! I am so happy to declutter these ones but like most makeup junkies I am always looking for something new so If you have a foundation recommendation please let me know!!  Unitl next time happy reading and happy shopping!!


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Mascara Madness #18

Hey Readers,
I hope this post finds you well. I am back with a new mascara madness post. I have had a few mascaras on rotation over the past few months and as they have come to the end of their life span I thought it time that I would compare to the pitch and give my review the reality. So lets get started...

Covergirl Katy Perry Katy Kat Eye in Very Black and Perry Blue

The Pitch: There’s the cat eye…and then there’s the Katy Kat Eye! Katy Kat Eye Mascara features a Sculpting Brush that sweeps lashes up and out, for full, lush voluminous lashes. Create a 360° cat eye that won’t smear, won’t smudge, but will definitely make other cats jealous! Also available in waterproof.

The Reality: The hype behind this mascara was the reason I picked this one the idea of a mascara that adds volume, length and even help flare the lashes to mimic the perfect winged liner. The twist in the brush head really does the work adding the right amount of volume and length leaving lashes flared and fluttery. But at the end of the day were this mascara  falls down is when they turned this mascara blue!! I loved the idea but the blue of the product just didn't translate to my lashes they looked good but the blue colour just did not show even when used as a topper to the black!!! 


Maybelline the falsies Push Up Angel 
The Pitch: The Falsies effects gets angel wings!! Exclusive Push-Up Wing brush sweeps lashes to the sides, while lifting and plumping up the roots. 

The Reality: This I bought as I was looking for a mascara to really separate and lift my lashes without clumping but at the same time I was skeptical of this curved comb like brush head. But I have to say I was impressed from the the first couple of tries. I say couple of tries simply because it did take time to get used to the comb but overall it does definitely push your lashes up, sepearte and flare. The formula is also really light goes on really smoothly, coats lashes evenly and doesn't clump.

Maybelline Collosal Big Shot Volume Express

The Pitch: Unleash your big shot!! Our Big Shot brush loads fully loaded volume in one coat.

The Reality: I have struggled with this mascara and to be honest I'm still not sure if its the formula or the brush head. The formula is quite thick and does give great volume to your lashes but the bristles on the brush head are short and the mascara itself seems to really stick to them over time so you really have to be careful when applying not to end up with clumps, smudges and flakes of excess mascara on your lashes and around your eyes. You really have to wipe the excess off before you apply.

So that ends another mascara madness post. I hope you enjoyed and hope this helps next  time you are shopping for a new mascara!! Until next time Happy reading and happy shopping!!


The websites that provided the pitch sections of this blog:

Friday, 15 September 2017

Fast Five #2

Hey Readers,
I hope this post finds you all well. I am back with another Fast Five. I really enjoyed writing the last one and I thought it time I do it all again. Like my previous post I have picked five beauty items that I am going to give mini reviews on for the most part  I haven't spoken about these before but they are products that I have been loving and ones that I want to share. So lets get started....

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 077 Asia.

For the longest time I have not been a lipstick wearer and primarily this is because my lips are always dry, they tend to become flakey and chapped easily so may ore often than not I have found that any lip product with colour in it usually would dry my lips out further and make them feel all uncomfortable. But that changed recently, after receiving a rimmel lipstick in a beauty box subscription. It was a dark berry purple shade and it suited me so well. Every time I wore it someone would comment saying how good it looked. And it was so comfortable to wear but lets face wearing a bold colour all day can be high maintenance. So I went on the hunt for a more natural shade an MLBB surprisingly I found this in a discount basket at the checkout while I was picking up groceries at Coles. While I only had the sticker  on the bottom of the lipstick for reference of the colour for $5 it was worth a shot. Its a great colour not too pink or brown and I love it just for on a day where I want something on my lips but a more natural look. These rimmel lasting finish lipsticks are so easy to wear. They glide on, are pigmented, creamy and long lasting my lips never feel uncomfortable or dry.

Glamourflage Rauchy Rosie Grapefruit Hand Cream 60ml

Ok so excuse the fact that this tube looks a bit worse for wear sadly the packaging hasn't survived the winter well however the hand cream inside has been the best during these cooler months. My hands have been so dry this winter and not only is this cream hydrating and long lasting but the scent is light and it absorbs quickly with no sticky or slippery residue.

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in shades 205 Sapphire, 209 Black Violet and 210 Teal 

I know I spoke about the Teal liner in the first post to this series but I had to include these again as I have since purchased two new colours in the range.  I am still loving these and they are so good for adding a pop of colour to your eye look quickly and easily. However I do have to say that the new colours (sapphire and black violet) aren't as creamy as the Teal shade they do require a few swipes to get the perfect application. 

Olay Double Action Day Cream and Primer 50ml

This was an impulse buy during the last 40% skincare sale at priceline it had been marked down to $5 or $6 which I thought was pretty good for a 50ml cream and I was drawn to the idea of a primer and day cream in one. Its been a great addition to my morning routine. The cream itself isn't too thick and it goes on so smooth and absorbs quickly. It also does leave your skin slightly tacky which is helpful pre makeup application and I do feel it contributes to makeup longevity. Now while it does say its mattifying it also doesn't seem to make my oily T zone want to produce more oil which I have also been enjoying.  

Target Pocket Tissues 10 pack 

I know including this item may be boring to some of you but I have to say that these have been the biggest life saver recently and so I had to give them some love. Not only are these tissues in pocket packs so they are compact and great to stash in every handbag, carry bag, pocket and cup holder in your car!! But also they are three ply so they are soft and strong!! Being sick is taxing enough coughing, sneezing and everyone looking at you like you have the plague, so to then have tissues that just disintegrate the minute they are wet (sorry TMI!!) just isn't ideal but these guys stood up to the challenge and having 10 per pack is really handy. The best bit is that target sells them in a 12 pack for $2 money well spent.

So that ends this edition of Fast Five I hope you have enjoyed and if you have any product recommendations or anything you want me to try for review please send them my way. Until next post Happy reading and happy shopping!!


Friday, 8 September 2017

Empties Hits and Misses #7

Hey Readers,

Hope this post finds you well!! Happy September and Happy Spring!!! This weekend I am kinda making the most and spring cleaning a little and this pile of beauty empties has been building up so thought it time I get rid of it. Because there is so much I will try to be brief so not to make this post to long so lets get started!!!


Kmart Eye Makeup Remover Wipes 30 pack

Still loving these for fixing any makeup mistakes and getting rid of foundation on the back of my hand post makeup application. For 75 cents for a pack of thirty just so simple and convenient.

Sukin Oil Balancing + Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser  125ml

This cleanser is really really good and I have enjoyed using it after picking it up in a Priceline 40% off sale a while back. Its really great cleanser definetly removes impurites, makeup residue etc. But also helps keep my oily T zone at bay I always noticed if I used something else the night before that my makeup wouldn't last as well the next day. The Charcoal inclusion doesn't give it the best of scents though. However I would still repurchase.

Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads 32 pack 

I can not tolerate the smell of acetone based polishes and usually the liquid removers that don't contain the chemical don't seem to work very well but these pre soaked pads are AMAZING they don't contain acetone, they don't have a harsh scent and they remove polish quickly and easily with less mess. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml
You probably don't need me to tell you that this stuff is great (and I think I've sung its praises before). Removing makeup quickly, easily and particularly good when you are so tired and just want to get all your makeup off and go to bed. Also good when your wing liner goes wonky and you wish to fix it quick pair this with a cotton bud and your good to go

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub 125ml

This is one scrub that I have loved for a long time and also one that I do tend to compare other scrubs to. Its the perfect balance between creamy base and scrub particles. It makes my skin feel so clean and smooth.

Johnson's Body Care Moisturising Body Wash 1L

I spoke about this body wash in my last empties and clearly I am still loving it. Not only is the gel itself really great foaming and cleaning sufficiently but the large bottle and pump top means its a great long lasting and handy addition to the shower.

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 45ml 

-Summer Strength, Antibacterial Defence, Stress Control
It seems excessive that I have three empty containers in my empties bag but I really have enjoyed this deodorant since I discovered it. Lets face it some deodorants just don't do the job, breathing in sprays just isn't fun and some you use them for so long that they just seem to loose their effectiveness. I like that this gets me through from dawn till dusk!!!    

Rimmel #Insta Flawless Light Medium 30ml
Still loving this still using it everyday before applying my foundation love the bit of extra that it gives to my finished complexion. Its the top of my list every time I see 40% Rimmel cosmetics.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous 210 Medium Beige 30ml
Another love that I have talked about alot but one that I have had to stop using for a while as I have found it had to find. My two local Priceline stores no longer carry this shade. When I find it I will stock up!! 

Loreal Infallible 24H-Matte 22 Radiant Beige  35ml
This has become almost the replacement for my covergirl foundation sadly it doesn't quite tick all the boxes that one does. Having said that  I do like it a lot and I continue to use it everyday. This foundation is really my go to for work or days that will be long and touch ups minimal. Its a full coverage foundation and once its on it stays. It great for days I am in and out of cold storage, going in and out of an air conditioned building to the heat of the day despite being winter in Brisbane we have had some warm days. It also seems to keep a hold on my oily T zone staying firm and not break down. Days were I forget/cant be bothered to powder or miss that setting spray step this foundation looks as good at night as when I put it on in the morning. Sadly I am fussy so while I want a matte finish I don't love the flat look so I do find pairing this with the rimmel #insta flawlesss underneath does help to combat that. 

Evolu Recovery Day Cream 75ml
This was a good cream very smooth and moisturising and not a bad scent. Its light on the skin and instantly hydrating but I just didn't use it enough. I prefer using a mattifying cream before my makeup so I hardly reached for this one. 

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream 50ml 
I put this last in the list as I am kinda on the fence as to if this is a hit or miss. I did enjoy this one its a nice soft and creamy cream. Easy to apply and makes skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated but its just a good face cream it works does the job but I wasn't completely wowed!!

Target Hand Poured Scented Candle 
-grapefruit and Cassis, Pomegranate Orange
I wanted so much to love these at $10 each and smelling so good in the jar I thought it was a really great way to pretty up and scent my house. Sadly they just don't have the longevity. Initially you can smell the fragrance but it definitely doesn't permeate around the room nor does it last that long even though its still burning. They also haven't seem to last the 40 hours of burn time it says on the box. A pretty decoration though!!

Klara Reset Instant New Skin 15ml

I bought this as part of a set that I wanted to try and review but I just wasn't that impressed. Its a no rinse formula gel that says it exfoliates to unblock, tighten pores and diminish fine lines. Not only do I really prefer something that is in shower I also didn't really feel like this was doing anything. 

e.l.f Exfoliating Scrub 100ml
This was a miss simply because it wasn't scrubby enough I didn't feel it was really doing anything it seemed to have more base to scrub particle ratio.

Maybelline Color Wisper 25 Lust for Blush
This was such a hyped product and I bought it and used it simple because so many youtubers raved about it. Now don't get me wrong a great formula that sadly maybelline don't do any more but it really was never my colour its definitely too light and too pink for my complexion not sure how I made it work!!! As you can see by the picture its not finished but its so old its time it goes.

Sukin Oil Balancing Mattifying Facial Moisturiser 125ml

Like the cleanser I  did like using this one as it does really help to skin mattify the skin but also is light and hydrating. But the reason it goes into the miss pile is simply the smell. The charcoal is overpowering and unlike with the gel were you wash it off. With this moisturiser its on your skin and the scent lingers long after its absorbed. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask 5ml sample sachet

I was really excited to try this one as I love these kind of all in one products. Sadly the tea tree was overpowering and it did leave my skin tingling and feeling tight which I didn't love.

Glam Glow PowerMud  Dual Cleanse Treatment 3g sample sachet

I must be the only person that doesn't love these glamglow mud masks but I just wasn't impressed. It didn't feel that nice on my skin, nor did I really feel it left my skin looking good. It a miss for me!!

Rohr Remedy Australian Wildflower Deodorant
This was part of a beauty  box I received a while ago and while and while its easy to use the scent is great. For me personally it just doesn't do the job I want it to. It one of those deodorants that needs reapplication (in my opinion) throughout a whole day.

So that ends empties hits and misses, I hope you enjoyed this edition and that it wasn't too long. Can't wait to get rid of these items and start fresh for next time. Until then happy reading and happy shopping.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bellabox August

Hey Readers, 
I hope this post finds you well. My Bellabox for August has arrived and to be honest with a lot happening with home and work I had not realised it was due to be coming to my door. It is also the reason I will not be reviewing July's box. Life has just been busy and I haven't really properly used any of the products well enough to give a good review. But I will be a better blogger when it comes to this box. So lets get onto whats inside!!  

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Mask received a 13ml deluxe sample full size is 58ml
This mask contains Australian Pink Clay which will both detoxify and brighten the skin, it also says it will refine pores and leave your complexion glowing. I have to say I am a bit over receiving masks in BB's and other beauty boxes for that matter would really like a variation in products I am thinking I might put this into a find a more loving home pile. 

Palmer Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner received a 50ml of each full size are 473ml.
Enriched with Palmers Coconut oil the shampoo is rich and creamy but free of any harsh chemicals. Gently cleansing the hair without interrupting the moisture balance of the hair. The conditioner is infused with sea kelp, coconut, monoi and argan oils to hydrate and repair damage from the harsh y winter weather. Have not tried any products from Palmers in a while so happy to give these a try.

E.L.F Cosmetics Brightening Eye Liner in the shade black
Infused with beeswax and castor oil this creamy formula says it will go on smooth, line the eyes precisely but also smudge out easily. I am interested to try this as I have in the past enjoyed elf products but I am struggling to work out how a black liner is brightening but nonetheless happy to try!!

La Roche Posay Lipkar Sydet recieved a 100ml tube full size is 400ml.
This gel cream is formulated for dry/very dry skin and particularly skin prone to irritation. Formulated with glycerine, shea butter and Niacinamide to gently cleans and restore the skins cutaneous barrier.  Interested to try this one have been enjoying a lot of products from this brand lately.

So that ends this months bellabox. Some good products this month interested to try most of them. So until next month happy reading and happy shopping!!